Reliance on Allah pdf

Reliance on Allah, the Exalted, is a lofty station that has a great effect. It is one of the most important obligations of faith, one of the best actions and acts of worship that bring one closer to Ar-Rahman (the Possessor of Mercy), and one of the highest stations of belief in Allah, the Exalted, because everything occurs through reliance on Allah, the Exalted, and seeking His Help.




Piety is a great virtue that bears a lofty status. It sustains life, which becomes unbearable in its absence; in fact, a life void of piety is inferior even to the life of an animal. There is no righteousness and wellbeing for a slave without piety. It is a noble treasure whose possessor is awarded many honorable gems, abundant goodness, noble sustenance, great victories and kingdoms. It is as if the best rewards of both this life and the next have been assigned to this single characteristic!




Patience pdf



Allah, the Exalted, has made patience a steed that does not stumble, a sword that does not miss its mark, a trooper that does not get defeated, and a fortress that is never destroyed. It is such a riding animal that those who ride it are never lost. It is the brother of victory, for victory occurs through patience; if one has it, they do not need great preparations or large numbers. Its position in terms of victory is comparable to the position of the head to the body. It is the way of success and prosperity. It is a virtue that humankind needs in their religion and worldly life.



Lust for Leadership pdf



One of the things that lead to the corruption of the heart’s sincerity and monotheism, increase one’s longing for this worldly life, and lead to the abandonment of the hereafter is lust for leadership. It is a severe disease in the name of which people squander heir money and shed blood.





In this book, we will address the subject of hope, which is one of the deeds of the heart, and the most important of them all; having hope is an obligation, and one which must be directed to Allah, the Almighty, alone.




Human Rights in Islam pdf



Human Rights in Islam: A book by Sheikh Jamal Zarabozo - may allah bless him - in which he tackled the issue of Islam and human rights in the shadow of Islam.




Tweets about oneness of Godpdf



If people knew Allah pretty well, they would obey Him and seek to attain the Good pleasure of Him, but the demons of mankind and the jinn do everything in its power keeping people away from knowing Almighty Allah the creator. The Almighty Allah has introduced Himself to us in His holy books which was revealed to His Messengers and was completed by the Holy Quran, through the Seal of all Messengers of Allah, Muhammed, pbuh). with the aim of introducing Islam to the mankind through all available means, We published this book in keeping with the spirit of the age, this book contains 100 tweets introducing Allah the Lord of the heavens and of the earth to Non-Muslims in English language by Dr. Naji al-Arfaj. Osoul center cared about this book in terms of appearance and design in order to be prepared for printing and publishing.


Who Deserves to be Worshipped?pdf


In this book, Sheikh/ Majed S. Al-Rassi makes a quiet discussion to prove , that Allah deserves to be worshipped alone. and This book focuses a light on:  Islam’s basic principles and characteristics  Eleven facts about Jesus (peace be upon him) and his mother, Mary  Proof that Islam remained a sound revelation.



A Manual For Improving Cross-Cultural Communication Skills pdf



A self-learning manual book to improve effective Islamic communication skills




The light within Islam pdf



"The light within Islam" was written for those who are seeking the truth. The book aims to answer the common questions and misunderstandings about Islam. Its content focuses on the belief in the existence and Oneness of God. The book also explains the differences between Islam and Christianity. Furthermore, it clarifies the steps involved in embracing the religion of Islam.

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