How Do We Know God Exists?
Jamal Badawi

hdwkgeEven On A Very Fundamental Level We Find That Throughout History There Is A Very Strange Phenomenon That People Of Different Backgrounds, Living In So Many Different Parts Of The World At Different Points In Time, Have Always Had This Strong Urge Within Themselves To Look And To Yearn For The Creator.


They See That There Is Some Power, A Magnificent And Merciful Power That Is Sometimes Interpreted In A Mistaken Way By Materializing That In Some Form Or Other (I.E. Idols). The Basic Yearning Has Always Been There. Even In Places Where There Is No Recorded History Of A Particular Prophet, People Have Yearned For A Creator. That’s What I’m Referring To As An Innate Nature. The Arabic Term Is ‘Fitra.’ Fitra Literally Translates To: Something That One Is Created With Or Created In Accordance With: This Innate Nature.


Is The Intellect An Enemy To Faith?

All Human Faculties Such As The Senses Including Also The Intellect Are Part And Parcel Of The Whole Process Of Seeking The Truth. None Of These By Themselves Will Be Sufficient, But On A Whole They Are Not Really In Contradiction. In Fact I Would Say, Even More Positively, That From A Muslim Point Of View One Of The Main Things That Make The Human Being Distinct, One Of The Basic Blessings That He Is Given By God To Make Him Different From Animals Since Animals Can Think As Well, Is Intellect. So The Intellect Is A God Given Gift Or Blessing. How Could We Interpret That As A Challenge Or Antithesis Of Faith? This Doesn’t Really Stand.

Who is Allah Videos


Who is Allah ?


In Arabic, Allah means literally the one God. It is pretty easy to understand how different languages give the same thing different names. Is it that unusual to hear Muslims call God another name, like "Allah", while He is also called God or Lord? Some people have no minds; in the last decade, a growing phenomenon was seen on the internet and in published literature. Allah is falsely said to be the “moon god” that Arabs worshiped, and Kaaba (The Muslims holiest place on Earth) is falsely said to be His temple. The evidence for this baseless theory given by evil-mongers is that they argue that the crescent appears on the top of many mosques all over the world and then these evil-mongers have made up a fabricated picture of the "moon god".


This idea is very dangerous.  If you believe that Muslims are worshiping an idol, then there is no basis even to talk to them.  They are pagan idolaters like Hindus and Buddhists.  It is alleged that although Islam is a monotheistic religion, the Muslims' only God is simply another idol that Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) chose (or in some versions of the story, he made it up). 


To invalidate this foolish theory, one has to take the story from different angles.


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