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Wearing a head covering during the Prayer



Is wearing a turban, a headscarf or a cap in prayer obligatory or not?

The wearing of these things in prayer is not obligatory since covering the head is not from the conditions of the prayer. However, if you are in a land where the custom is to wear these, and they are regarded from the completion of a person's dress, then it is necessary to wear them due to the saying of Allaah, "O Children of Aadam, take your adornment while praying." [al-A'raaf: 31]
So if part of beautification is that a person wears something on his head such as a turban, a headscarf or a cap, then it is recommended for him to wear that during the prayer. As for when you are in a land of a people who do not have this as a custom, and this is not from their beautification then stay as you are.

Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih al-`Uthaymeen
Selected Faatwaa on Salaah
Translated by Abul Irbaad Abid Zargar

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