They should sit close together in gatherings. This
is found in many of the rulings of the Sharee'ah.

The Hadeeth of Jaabir ibn Samurah - reported in
Muslim: That the Messenger (S) entered the mosque one day
and found the Companions sitting separately and so said:
"Why is it that I find you sitting apart?"

Imaam Ahmad reports in his 'musnad' with good isnaad
from Aboo Tha'labah al-Khushanee (S) who said: "When we
travelled with the Messenger (S) and alighted at a place,
we used to disperse through the mountain passes and
valleys. So once we travelled and alighted as we used to,
so he said: "Indeed your being separate in these passes
and valleys is from the work of shaitaan." He said, "So
after that when we alighted at a place we came together
to the extent that if a carpet were to have been placed
under us we would have fitted on it."

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