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Is carrying a stick a sunnah? Or is it a sunnah of the
khutbah only, or exclusively for the Messenger of Allaah



It is none of these: to carry a stick is not the Sunnah,
neither generally nor during the khutbah. The hadeeth,
"To carry a stick is an example of the Prophets" is
fabricated, as I have explained in Silsilah al-Ahaadeeth
ad-Da'eefah. The Prophet (S) used to have a stick which
he would use as a sutrah while travelling or for the 'Eid
prayer when there was no sutrah at the place of prayer.
Hence, if a person needs a stick, as Allaah addresses
Moosaa in the Qur'aan:

... and what is that in your right hand, O
Moosaa! He said. It is my rod, on it I lean, with
it I beat down fodder for my flock, and in it I
find other uses.(Taa Haa 20:17-18)

or due to old age, then it is undoubtedly correct to
carry a stick. However, as for an ordinary person, it is
in no way from the Sunnah to needlessly carry a stick,
especially in an age where many people do without
walking, let alone needing to carry a stick, due to
conveyance in cars, buses etc, from the means provided by

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